We are a group of people with different skillsets and experiences that allow us to look at any project from different angles and find the best solution.

We are Client-focused. We listen and ask questions. Our service is a translation - finding the architectural language for the client's dreams and desires.

We keep up with Technology. We know the latest software, 3D printing, virtual reality and use it to improve our delivery methods and quality of work. This makes it more effective to explain ideas, saves time and money on documentation and also makes it fun to do.


We are Open-Minded. This helps us answer questions more efficiently. Our company sees challenges as an opportunity to improve rather than a problem. We are and ready to find the perfect solution for your wildest idea.

Our Holistic Approach to design allows us to minimize cost and time. We have enough experience in design and construction to understand the whole process throughout and control on schedule and budget along the way. We will make sure to find the right vendors, manufacturers, and construction team to execute the project.

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Kirill Ostrovsky


John Spanier

Project Manager


Svetlana Titova



Rob Brown

Sales manager for Sheds