June 2024

Our Proactive Approach to Maintaining Wellmade Prefab Sheds and ADUs

Wellmade conducts maintenance visits to ensure the durability and quality of our sheds and ADUs, inspecting for structural integrity, weather wear, and interior issues, with prompt repairs for lasting client satisfaction.

We take pride in the quality and durability of our sheds and accessory dwelling units. To ensure our products continue to meet our high standards, we’ve implemented a proactive maintenance program. Every spring and summer, we visit the units we’ve built over the past year, assessing their condition and making any necessary adjustments.

The Importance of Maintenance

Our prefabricated studio sheds and modern ADUs are designed to withstand various weather conditions, from heavy rain to scorching sun. However, real-world conditions can present unexpected challenges, especially when working with natural materials. The maintenance visits from our team help us understand how each unit stands up to the test of time and the elements, ensuring they remain as functional and beautiful as the day they were installed.

What Our Maintenance Visits Include

During our maintenance visits, our team conducts a thorough inspection of each unit. This includes inspecting the structural integrity, evaluating the exterior for any weather-related wear and tear, and thoroughly examining the interior to ensure there are no signs of water damage or other issues. By doing this, we can identify potential problems early and address them promptly, preventing minor concerns from becoming major issues.

Addressing Issues Proactively

If our team notices anything that needs adjustment, we don’t wait for the problem to escalate; we send out a crew to fix it right away. This proactive approach not only ensures the longevity of our units but also provides peace of mind to our clients, knowing their investment is well-protected and maintained by professionals who care.

The Benefits for Us and Future Clients

  • Enhanced Durability: Inspections and prompt repairs help extend the lifespan of our prefab sheds and ADUs, while helping us improve our products and services. We strive to constantly refine our processes and quality, learning from each maintenance visit to better serve our clients.
  • Continuous Improvement: By understanding how our units perform in various conditions, we can refine our designs and construction methods to enhance quality continually.

We believe in building more than just structures; we build relationships. Our maintenance program is just one way we show our commitment to our clients and their satisfaction. We’re providing spaces that enhance lives, and we’re here to support those spaces.

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