October 2023

What Exactly is a Modern Shed?

Modern sheds are more popular than ever. But what exactly is a modern shed? Modern sheds are storage buildings in your backyard transformed into a home office or studio of some sort. A modern outdoor shed has distinct designs such as straight lines, windows, and either a flat roof or soaring roof lines.

Sleek & Durable Design

The sleek design of a modern shed starts with its modular panel design and fully panelized wall sections. Key features of most modern sheds include a rectangular or semicircular window usually above a door or other window. This adds additional natural light to the shed. Another key feature is the color contrast trim, which makes the modern outdoor shed look distinguished and prominent. The enticing thing about this feature is that you get to choose the color combos. Stylish doors and statement hinges also add to the aesthetic appeal of a modern shed.

The durability of a modern shed is very notable, as all materials are high-quality and weather-resistant, especially the flooring. Most of the floors in a modern shed are engineered wood flooring. Because modern outdoor sheds are made of durable materials and are known for their longevity, they require minimal maintenance.

Coming in various sizes, modern sheds are high-quality and designed with an elevated exterior and a purpose. They are often used as a home office, which comes with many benefits.

Valuable Investment

The benefits are endless when it comes to a modern shed house, especially when it is being used as a home office. For one, modern sheds are known to be quite affordable. Plus, they are a private and secure place that is built to last, which adds value to your property. This makes the purchase of a modern shed a long-term investment.

Since prefab studio sheds are high-quality and add a touch of style to your backyard, they also add curb appeal to your neighborhood. If you ever intend to sell your home, renovations or adding on functional property will help increase the property value. A prefab studio shed is a low-cost and efficient way to add additional square feet to your property. In fact, many current prefab studio shed owners have found that the appraised value of their home and property has increased over time.

More Benefits

As mentioned before, if you are using your modern shed as a home office, there are even more benefits: the biggest one is the joys of a work-life balance. You can cut out commute time and since it is a quiet place, limit distractions. With natural lighting, you can embrace the surrounding nature for enhanced productivity. And when you are not working, the shed can be used for something else, as they are multi-functional. For example, it could be an art studio or a fitness studio.

Another benefit of a modern shed is that it doesn’t take a lot of material to manufacture and construct, so it is an environmentally friendly option. There are even additional designs that use solar power or renewable energy generators for more sustainable options.

Questions About Modern Sheds?

If you have a question about our modern sheds, our prefabrication process, or even larger acceessory dwelling units, simply reach out to us. We will respond to your inquiry and or set up a time to cover as many questions as you have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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