September 2023

What’s the Difference Between a Studio Shed and an ADU?

By now, we all have seen those secondary structures in some backyards. If you have the space and budget, why not? But what are the differences between a studio shed and an ADU? The main difference between the two is function and size. Studio sheds are generally smaller than ADUs and the purpose of the two are usually different as well.

The Power of Studio Sheds

First off, the word “shed” doesn’t quite mean what it used to, and sheds certainly aren’t built or look like they did in the past. Studio sheds are much more attractive than your ordinary shed. The architectural elements of studio sheds are custom-built with a purpose in mind. For example, studio sheds are usually used for a home office, music studio, man cave, she shed, art studio, or fitness room like a yoga room.

The Rise of ADUs

ADU stands for accessory dwelling unit and they are much larger structures compared to studio sheds. An ADU is often used as a second living space in a backyard. These spaces can come complete with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and other additional accommodations. Sometimes, an ADU can be referred to as an independent living dwelling, casita, guest suite, backyard cottage, or detached apartment.

What’s the Main Difference?

For example, a backyard office studio shed will need electrical power for the heating and cooling, and all of the office equipment. While on the other hand, an ADU will often require power, plumbing and have additional livable space-type features such as a kitchen and or bathroom. Specifically, some cities and towns deem the presence of a kitchen, along with typical kitchen appliances like a stove or oven, to be the distinguising factor that classifies the structure as an ADU. As the acronym states, it’s now considered more than a shed or detached room, it’s a dwelling where one can live.

How to Choose Between the Two

When it is time to use a premier and custom luxury builder and you aren’t sure if you want a studio shed or an ADU, consider your needs and available square footage. Remember that both backyard structures are customizable, so you can design them with whatever accommodations you want. If you are looking for a fully functional living space for an additional family member, an ADU might be the best option. However, if you want something a little smaller and specialized, like a home office or yoga studio, a studio shed might be the perfect fit.

The beauty of a studio shed or an ADU, you can either transform an already existing backyard structure or start from scratch, both are custom-designed to fit your unique style.

An accessory structure such as a studio shed and not a full ADU is sometimes all you need. It will all come down to your wants and necessities. Again, the functionality is the main difference between the two, while the amount of space available in your backyard will be a factor as well.

Questions About Sheds or ADUs

If you have a question about a studio or ADU simply send us a note with your question or questions. We will respond to your inquiry and or set up a time to cover as many quesions as you have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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