November 2023

Why Prefab ADUs are on the Rise in California

The popularity of prefab ADUs across the state of California keeps rising. In fact, according to the State Housing Department, nearly 20 percent of housing units built in California are accessory dwelling units.

Since California passed laws making it easier to build an accessory dwelling unit, prefab ADUs continue to be the latest trend around the state. But the new laws aren’t the only reason for the rise of ADUs in the Sunshine State, from aiding with the housing crisis to boosting property value, it is encouraged to add a prefab accessory dwelling unit to your home in California.

Quick Refresher on Prefrab ADUs

Prefab ADUs are built offsite and then placed or assembled right in your home’s backyard. These accessory dwelling units create a space for a home office, additional living space, or whatever you need right outside of your home. They come in various sizes, all made with high-quality materials and designed for longevity.

Affordable & Efficient Form of Housing

With California being such a dense area and the population continuing to rise, the state is in desperate need of housing. Add on the increased cost of housing and small prefab homes California is a solution to both of these problems. The availability and affordability of prefab ADUs make them the perfect option for the ever-populated state of California. They are a cost-effective solution for the state, builders, homeowners, and those looking to rent and live in the space.

This is why the state is encouraging the addition of ADUs to homes, they help buildout neighborhoods and add more growth in areas where there are limited developments. And all of this is done at lower construction costs.

Boost Value for Homeowners

By adding a prefab accessory dwelling unit to the extra space on your property, it boosts the value. A prefab studio shed is a low-cost and efficient way to add additional square feet to your property Plus, these high-quality units are used as functional property. For example, they can be used for multi-generational living purposes, which also reduces senior care living costs. They can also be used as an extra rental income opportunity, adding even more value to the homeowner.

One of the biggest uses of a prefab studio shed is as a home office, which comes with a plethora of benefits. The biggest one is the joys of a work-life balance. You can cut out commute time, limit distractions, and there is even the possibility of eliminating the burden of child care. Remote jobs are more popular than ever and the ability to have your home office in your backyard can be done. But remember, you can create any space you want or need through our prefab ADUs.

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