Four Reasons Why Adding a Backyard Office Shed to Your Property Increases Its Value

Updated: Jun 2

The appeal of remote-based work continues to grow in the United States workforce, and saving you time on your daily commute is just the beginning of how you can save more by working remotely. Well Made in Oakland, California, has the exact solution for enhancing your remote-based working needs and beyond. Our backyard office sheds offer the perfect space for completing your work, while increasing your home’s value. Keep reading to learn more about this added value and check out our latest assortment of ofice shed options today!

Universal Appeal

Backyard office sheds serve to enhance any home both in functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, the ability to have access to an isolated professional space at any time allows for both highly concentrated work and personal meditation to clear one's thoughts for a better set of mind throughout the day.

The great thing about Well Made's signature design is that it perfectly blends a modern and nature-based aesthetic that appeals to a wide audience of people and home evaluators. These aren't just for show either; each backyard office serves as a fully functional space that's fitted for electrical support from your home. The best part is that you can choose between using your lights or having the sun do its job for you on a well-lit and productive day.

Our work process starts with critically listening to your exact needs in how you'd like your backyard office shed. We then use your vision and current home aesthetic as a base for proper planning and executing the desired space made specifically for you.

Our wide variety of architectural services that we use each day include:

  • Architectural Drawings: We scale each product to cater to single-family homes, multifamily residential, and commercial buildings.

  • Construction Administration: Maintaining a professional relationship with the best construction teams around allows for respectful and concise communication to meet any design demands.

  • Architectural 3D Renderings, Video Production and VR: Using tech to put our best foot forward for modern-day marketing.

  • Virtual Reality, 3D Printing: This is the perfect approach to using technology to visualize future projects.

  • Drawing Support for Other Architectural Firms: Other teams on demand to support and execute well for any client project.

We take the term "competency" literally, including enhancing the look and functionality of your home with a brand new and highly valuable backyard office shed.

The Surge in Remote Work

It's no stranger that working from home has surged to a high degree since 2020. Not just from forced prospects either, the values of remote work have continued to demonstrate to more people and companies in terms of profit and saved revenue when adapted accordingly. Well Made pushes that future thinking ahead by providing an ideal remote working space that keeps you focused and dedicated for when it's time to be productive. Distractions play a big role in undermining productivity, and our backyard offices provide the perfect solution for calmness and concentration.

With the growing realism and values of remote work, the modern real estate markets place a high value on homes with dedicated office space. We take that a step beyond by providing a signature design that compliments your home and exterior to unify its aesthetic and modern value further.

Supporting a Non-Remote Job

People who work commute-based jobs will equally appreciate having a signature office shed at their home. These sheds serve as a personal meditative space as much as they do a workspace after a long day at the office. From chipping away at a personal project to having a relaxing evening of personal reading time, our backyard offices are spaces made for you first and foremost.

Well Made makes its signature sheds to prioritize personal space and time by supporting how you choose to work and relax throughout the day. From dedicating 30 minutes each evening to balancing a budget to an hour of meaningful and meditative reading, you will love your personalized and dedicated space from its first day of completion.

Here are only a few great things to do with your time at the office shed during the evening and weekend:

  • Organize and Pay Bills: We all pay bills, but we're happy to help create a space for you to dedicate essential time and energy to finish this necessary objective while allowing you to relax in your own space.

  • Online Calls: We can't stress enough how perfect our office sheds are for conducting any business call or lecture. Not only that, but your space is highly customizable to serve as a professional and personalized backdrop for all to see while maintaining a great image.

  • In-person Meetings: Sometimes, business calls aren't enough for important meetings. Your new office space also serves as an ideal spot for interviews and small gatherings to conduct business and create plans. Entire businesses have the potential to be started and managed from your own home with the help of these professional layouts.

  • Full Space For Work: Your creative mind needs a place to try and challenge new ideas freely. The isolated space provided with a backyard office allows for walking, sketching, and charting on the wall to help support your problem-solving trials and solutions.

Serviceable Alternative Options

We've designed each office shed with an optimized space to fit much more than just a desk. Anyone using their mind each day will find value in this personalized space. Here's a list of interests that work hand in hand with using our backyard offices:

  • Artists: The era of digital platforms and preservation continues to grow. Not only will artists have a dedicated computer desk, but plenty of floor and wall space to lay out their projects, both grand and small. The isolated outdoor setting of this space also serves as a natural barrier from distractions while aiding in stopping creative blocks with inspirational outdoor scenery only a few steps away.

  • Mental Concentration: Meditation is an integral part of one's mental health and personal strength. Our personalized sheds serve as the perfect isolated areas to maintain and develop calm habits of zen to refresh your mind and day.

  • Physical Fitness Enthusiasts: These spaces also serve as the perfect setting for relaxing exercise routines to help start your day. These dedicated spaces allow isolated physical fitness routines to make you feel better each day when stretching in the sunrise of a bright day. They're equally as effective for late day activities to wind down and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

  • Party Throwers: While at a completely different pace from the previously mentioned interests, our personalized sheds provide the perfect piece for your next outdoor party. From being decorative for a specific holiday to creating a mini museum filled with pictures and items of the next birthday person, these rooms allow party backdrops to go above and beyond.

No matter your activities and hobbies, guests and home evaluators alike will praise this timeless addition from Well Made as you continue to thrive each day doing what you love.

There's a lot to unpack after a busy day. Whether it's going to or leaving your job, the backyard office supports your well-being and time to yourself to make each day a great one. Remote work is now less distracting, while non-work activities become enhanced by an isolated outdoor backdrop that's well lit and supportive for your comfort.

Well Made in Oakland, California, is all about making the best life possible for everyone. We'd love to hear all about your work, hobbies, and interests. So contact us and share what you want out of an ideal working space today!