Increase Your Cashflow – Renters In The Backyard

If you reside in California, you may understand how expensive day-to-day life can be. This is due to a constant rise in living expenses, the overall economy, and of course, the drastic rise in gas prices we have recently been experiencing. The good news is that there are always numerous opportunities to increase your overall cash flow, making living within this state much more viable. One way to help put more money into your pocket is by taking on some renters, not inside your family home, but in your backyard with an accessory dwelling unit! At Wellmade, we provide individuals within Oakland and the surrounding areas with high-quality ADUs on their property which they can rent out, helping ease the stress that comes with living in such an expensive location. To find out more visit us online or contact us today to get your ADU installed!

High-Quality Units and Installations

When it comes to our accessory dwelling units, we have two options; The Studio ADU and ADU One.

Studio ADU

The smaller of the two options coming in at 320 square feet, this ADU is cozy, yet efficient to the last inch. This unit is perfect for a single renter who isn’t requiring a vast amount of space but is still looking to have everything they need to live comfortably. Since this studio ADU is high quality and includes living necessities, you may be able to rent it out for a decent price, helping increase your cash flow month to month.

Studio ADU Key Features

  • 320 sqft of the exterior wall

  • 302 sqft net interior space inside

  • A prefabricated panel system allows for fast installation

  • Concrete slab on grade foundation

  • Finished inside and out, including appliances

  • Air conditioning and heating system

  • Premium black windows and doors

  • Customizable finishes, deck, and hardscape

Everything your renter will need to live a comfortable life! Best of all, this unit adds a wonderful look to your backyard, helping increase property value if ever comes time to sell your home!


The ADU One is the largest option we have available, which comes in at 400 square feet of space. The extra 80 square feet of area compared to the Studio ADU is something your renter is sure to enjoy and may work well with a couple or up to two individuals. Similar to our other unit, this ADU has everything your renter will need to live their life, including additional windows for sunlight and an extended balcony area to enjoy the outdoors!

ADU One Key Features

  • 320 sqft of the exterior wall (12' x 26' nominal size)

  • 302 sqft net interior space inside

  • A prefabricated panel system allows for fast installation

  • Concrete slab on grade foundation

  • Finished inside and out, including appliances

  • Air conditioning and heating system

  • Premium black windows and doors

  • Customizable finishes, deck, and hardscape

When it comes to both of the options we have to offer, there is a list of items that automatically come included with the home. These are the standard designs we have created which we feel would be enjoyed by most people.

What Is Included In Both Options

  • Concrete slab on grade

  • ​Red cedar ventilated facade and soffit

  • Corrugated metal back and sidewalls

  • Premium vinyl flooring inside

  • 4 double-hung windows and 1 fixed window

  • Interior doors

  • Sheetrock walls and ceiling, painted

  • Plywood kitchen cabinets

  • Kitchen appliances include a refrigerator, countertop stove, microwave, dishwasher, sink

  • Toilet, shower, and vanity in the bathroom

  • Interior climate control includes a split system.

  • Tankless exterior water heater


When it comes to your property, there may be a certain aesthetic you are looking to achieve. This is why we are proud to offer multiple customizable options for all ADUs. Allowing you to increase your cash flow, with some style! You will first start with choosing the type of ADU shell you prefer, The ADU One or ADU Studio, as each size comes with certain options to customize. Once you know which option to go with you can let us know which exterior or interior features to change! Creating an attractive space is crucial for attracting potential renters, as they too need an area they can be proud to call home.

Customizable exterior features

  • Cedar board stain color

  • Corrugated metal color or change to siding

  • Deck size and material

  • Custom hardscape elements like pavers, rock fills, etc

Customizable interior features

  • Flooring material

  • Wall and ceiling paint color

  • Accent plywood panels on the walls and ceiling.

  • Custom finishes for kitchen cabinets

  • Floor and wall tile

We Handle The Dirty Work

When it comes to building large structures on your property, you must often deal with city ordinances and requirements that can be difficult to wrap your head around. The good news is that if you work with us at Well Made, we take care of everything, including permits.

This gives you all of the benefits that an ADU can bring to your property and life, without the hassle of dealing with the city's regulations on building specific structures. If you attempt to create an ADU by yourself, sure you may succeed at creating the building itself, but can quickly get shut down if the proper permits were not pulled. Avoid the stress and work with us instead, as you will receive a high-quality and beautiful ADU while being completely covered legally.

We Offer Financing

Both of our ADU options start at specific rates which can change depending on the customizable options you choose. The final costs may be difficult to pay outright, especially if you have to already focus on maintaining your family home and everyone in it! Well Made is happy to offer you financing options to make your purchase more viable, allowing you to pay for your property extension at a reasonable pace.

Our financing partner is Acorn Finance, which offers home improvement financing for contractors and their customers. They offer competitive rates, with no dealer fees, and competitive payment options. Best of all, you will receive your funds quickly and are offered pre-qualified loans without any impact on your credit score. Giving you the opportunity to establish an ADU on your property, with no need for paying the full amount straight out of pocket! If you are interested, talk to our partners at Acorn and they will find you the best deal in minutes.

At Well Made, we understand that improving your cash flow can benefit your life in a multitude of ways. Installing an ADU and renting it out to a tenant can be a great way to add some additional income to your monthly wage, letting you stay focused on the things that truly matter. If you feel that an ADU is something that can impact the area you own for the better, work with us to receive a high-quality unit with excellent installation, which can improve your property's value while being used as a rental! Take a look at some of our previous work, giving you an idea of what you can expect to receive from us! Get in touch today and we can have an ADU installed on your property as soon as possible!