Make Sure Your Prefab Is Beautiful By Paying Attention to These Things

Updated: 4 days ago

After realizing you need a bit more space in your home, whether it be for a backyard office or guest house, you’ve decided you want to add a prefab shed to your yard. Now, it’s time to find the right company, contractor, and shed for your needs. With all of the different options for prefab backyard offices, researching different companies and models can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where WellMade comes in. We can help you design and create the perfect backyard shed or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for your needs. With several prefab options available and an endless number of ways to customize your shed, WellMade makes the process convenient and simple.

In today’s blog post from WellMade, we’ll be discussing some of the most important things that you should pay attention to and consider when choosing your prefab shed to ensure that the result is beautiful, as well as functional. Read on to learn more, and when you’re ready to get started with your backyard office, check out our selection of prefab sheds and contact the team at WellMade!

Your Vision

First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure that you have a clear vision of what you are looking for in your backyard shed or ADU. The clearer your vision, the easier it is to not only explain to WellMade exactly what you’re looking for, but it will also make the decision-making process easier while deciding on your preferred model and any customizations you may want. When faced with a decision, you can simply ask yourself, “Which option fits my vision best?”

  • Style: You’ll want to decide what type of style you prefer in your ADU. Do you want it to feel modern, classic, or blend in with the landscape? You’ll likely want it to match the current style of your home or compliment it in some way.

  • Intended Use: Beyond aesthetics, you also need to understand what you’ll be using your new ADU for. Will it be a backyard office? Or, maybe you’d like a man cave or a she shed? Having a clear vision of the intended use of your ADU will help you choose the right starting point which will lead to a more beautiful and functional space.

Available Space

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to add a prefab shed to your backyard, you’ll want to decide on the ideal footprint. This is incredibly important because a shed that is too small can look a bit out of place, while a shed that is too large can ruin the aesthetics of your entire yard. You’ll want to make sure that you find the perfect balance between how much square footage you’d like for your backyard office or studio with how much extra space you have available in your yard.

Quality of the Materials

If you want to make sure that your prefab is beautiful, you’ll want to ensure that the company you’re working with only works with high-quality materials. Cheap lumber, electrical items, paint, or windows can quickly ruin the aesthetics of your new ADU, as well as your experience. You don’t want to invest in a cheaply made backyard office and have to deal with peeling paint, splitting wood, or windows that allow condensation in, which can lead to mold and mildew growth.

By ensuring you work with a contractor like WellMade who takes immense pride in the quality of their prefab sheds and the materials they use, you can avoid all of these unsightly and costly missteps.

Designs Available

The next thing you should consider to ensure the beauty of your new backyard office is the designs available through the contractor you have chosen. Many contractors, including WellMade, offer a limited selection of layouts. This allows us to offer our products for a more affordable rate since they are prefabricated, but it also ensures that these layouts are well designed and well made as they are enjoyed by many others across the country.

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a prefab shed company that offers a couple of designs that fit your needs, budget, and style. You can then work with their team to find the exact model for your new prefab backyard office.

Quality Construction & Attention to Detail

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the prefab shed company you’re working with pays attention to the details, both big and small. You’ll want to choose a company that uses high-quality materials, as we discussed above, but also one that has taken into consideration how the design and layout of the prefab shed will affect the aesthetics and functionality, as well as overall quality. When you discover a team like the one at WellMade where we take immense pride in every detail from the materials and layout to the finishing touches, you can be confident you’ll end up with a backyard office you are happy with.

The Team Your Working With

When deciding which company to choose to ensure your prefab is beautiful, there are several things you should consider. You’ll want a team that provides excellent customer service and has extensive experience. By ensuring these two things, you can be more confident that your ADU will turn out just the way you imagined.

  • Attentive Customer Service: Attentive customer service and sales representatives are extremely important for effective communication. From the moment you contact the prefab shed company, throughout the design and construction process, and on to the finishing touches, the better customer service the company provides, the more likely it is that your new backyard office will reflect your vision. At WellMade, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your ADU or prefab shed.

  • Experience: Another extremely important aspect of the team you are working with is their experience. Typically the more experience they have, the better the results. With an experienced team like the one at WellMade, you’ll have a team of professionals by your side to help you make the best decisions and ensure that everything perfectly matches your vision.

Get Started With Your Backyard Office With WellMade

Are you considering building a prefab office shed in your yard? At WellMade, we offer a selection of prefab sheds and ADUs. Whether you’re interested in building a backyard office to give you a quiet, solitary place to work from home or you’re interested in using your prefab shed as a game room or place to entertain friends and family, we have you covered.

Our prefab sheds are built from quality materials and the designs are second-to-none. With a prefab shed from WellMade, you’ll begin by choosing one of our prefab models. From there you can choose from a number of customization options and can even add on complete installation. This will allow you to just sit back and let us handle all of the components of your new shed and bring your vision to life. From skylights, exterior outlets, and decks to benches and heated floors, there are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your backyard office.

If you’re ready to get started with your backyard office from WellMade, visit our site to check out our different layouts and start customizing your new ADU today!