Prefabrication Advantages & Benefits

With backyard sheds growing in popularity and being used for a variety of uses, including as backyard offices, man caves, she sheds, and accessory dwelling units (ADU), there are more and more companies surfacing that specialize in prefab sheds designed specifically for this purpose. While it is certainly possible to build your shed and convert it into a living space from scratch, there are many benefits and advantages to choosing a prefabricated shed. In today’s blog post from WellMade, we’ll be discussing some of the main benefits of prefab sheds and how choosing a prefabricated shed like those at WellMade may be the solution to adding additional living space to your property.

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Convenient & Simple to Order

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a prefab shed is that it’s convenient and incredibly simple to order. You don’t need any special knowledge of construction, electrical, or plumbing. You simply browse the selection of prefab sheds that WellMade has to offer and choose the layout that would work best for you. With a variety of sizes, layouts, and a number of add-on features, you can find and customize your new prefab shed in a matter of minutes.

Short Build & Installation Time

If you plan to build and convert your own shed or hire a company to convert it for you, you are likely looking at a lengthy build time. A huge benefit of prefab sheds is that they are already constructed and designed to become backyard offices, art studios, or ADUs. The shed is built off-site and then installed on your property quickly. And, because there are a limited number of layout options, the installation team is typically well experienced with the shed that you choose, making installation a breeze. This means you won’t have to coordinate contractors or deal with loud construction in your backyard for months at a time. Instead, you choose your shed, add on full installation, and the WellMade team will come out to your property and have your new prefab shed up and running in no time.

Turnkey Solution

Prefab sheds like the ones from WellMade come with everything you need to start using it right away, and with our customization options, you can look forward to a perfectly personalized shed that’s ready immediately after installation. You can choose to add a floating desk, additional exterior outlets, benches, heated floors, and even a skylight! When you work with WellMade for your prefab shed, you’ll receive a turnkey solution to adding more livable space to your property.

Reliable Construction

Companies like WellMade that specialize in prefab sheds and ADUs typically offer a limited number of layouts that can be customized and made to meet your exact needs. However, because there’s a limited number of models, this means that the company can focus on making these few models the best they can be in terms of quality and construction. When you work with a company that has been around for a few years, they have already worked out all of the kinks and made revisions to their sheds to ensure the best possible product for you.

Several Layout Options

Prefab sheds typically come in a selection of different sizes and layout options, allowing you to choose the one that will work best for your budget, space, and intended use. When choosing your prefab shed layout, you should consider what type of space you need as well as how much square footage will provide you with a comfortable backyard office, art studio, ADU, or recreational area. Additionally, you’ll want to consider how each size shed will look in your yard. If you have a small yard, you probably don’t want to take up every inch of it with your new prefab shed. This can make your space look and feel cramped. If you have a bigger yard, a larger shed will most likely look more at home. Ultimately at WellMade, we offer a selection of layout options so that we have something that will work for almost anyone.

Customizable Features

Another huge benefit of prefab sheds is that they are often customizable. So, while you begin with three or four different layout options to choose from, you can then make it your very own by adding on customization features like benches, skylights, and decks. With customizable prefab sheds, you get the best of both worlds: your shed is well-made with a quick installation time while being personalized to meet your exact needs.


Prefab sheds also tend to be more affordable and you know exactly how much you are going to spend upfront. With custom-built sheds that need to be converted, you often experience additional costs along the way. With prefab sheds, that’s typically not the case. You pay for your shed and any customizations upfront so you know exactly what you’re getting, how it will look, and how much it will cost. This makes it easier to budget for your new shed and keep costs within your preferred spending limit.


Another advantage of choosing a prefab shed is that they are incredibly versatile. With the number of customizations available, you can have your shed built to accommodate almost any need. Whether you’re interested in adding a quiet backyard office away from the hustle and bustle of the house, a place to work on your art, or even a guest house, a prefab shed can ultimately work for any of these uses, and so many more.

Adds More Livable Space

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of a prefab shed is that it can add more liveable space to your property. If you have a home that is beginning to become cluttered, a prefab shed is an excellent way to add a bit more space without having to deal with the cost and frustration associated with adding an addition to your home. For those who work from home, it can be extremely difficult to focus on work if you don’t have a dedicated space to yourself. For those who play guitar or who are artists, it can be incredibly frustrating to have your concentration broken due to a lack of space. The prefab shed is a solution to any of these problems. You can instantly add more livable space to your home at an affordable price.

WellMade – Prefab Sheds & ADUs

At WellMade, we offer a selection of prefab sheds and ADUs all designed to provide you and your family with more living space. Our beautifully designed sheds are finished inside and out and include any appliances chosen. With fast installation and expert construction, our prefab sheds can add the space you’re looking for to accommodate a backyard office, art studio, ADU, or recreation space.

Visit WellMade online today to browse our selection of prefab sheds and ADUs. Choose from a number of layouts and interior and exterior customization features to make your new shed your own. We’ll even help you obtain the proper permits needed for your new backyard office or ADU. Get started customizing your new prefab shed today and work with our expert team to build the space of your dreams.