Your private, prefabricated,

all included backyard office, art studio or sleeping nook.

All included - fabrication, installation, and foundation

No permit required

High-quality materials



Tim Maes

Oakland, CA

We couldn't be happier with the end product. WellMade team has been the ideal partner in the design-build process for our backyard office shed. 

Key features:

  • The prefabricated panel system allows for quality control and  fast installation on site

  • High quality and high tech materials

  • Premium black aluminum windows and doors

  • 115 sqft of exterior wall

  • 95 sqft net space inside 

  • Choose between several packages

  • Customize the size and shape of the deck if needed 

  • Sheetrock inside, painted white and finished with base board

  • Outlets and lights installed


Choose your package.

All packages include fabrication and installation

Starting at   $32,500

Package - 1



Materials included:

  • Insulated envelope

  • Cedar board ventilated facade

  • Black fixed aluminum windows

  • 72"x80" black aluminum sliding door

  • Dark bronze corrugated back walls

  • Outlets and lights inside

  • Soffit exterior lights 

  • Redwood step in front of the shed

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Package - 2

Extended deck



All Base Package features plus:

  • 60 sqft of composite deck

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Package - 3

Full deck



All Base Package features plus:

  • 95 sqft of composite deck

  • wood bench as a bonus

Choose your additional features.

Custom deck sizes available upon request


$ 1,700


Make top window awning window

$ 540

awning window

Floating plywood custom desk

$ 450


Exterior outlet

$ 280


Exterior wood bench

$ 520


Prefab metal planter

$ 360


All you need to do

is select the design and location.

We do the rest.

Click on this button and let the model load (be patient, there is a lot of details for you to see). Go to AR and let your phone position itself in space and enjoy augmented reality. Works on smartphones only.

Shed is scaled correctly by default. You can rotate and place Shed anywhere you would like. It is very intuitive and a great tool to know how it will look like on your backyard.

We like technology!

Try our beta version of augmented reality to give you a better feel of your new space. Open it on your phone and click on AR button at the top right corner. You need to scale it approximately so that the main sliding door is 6' wide.