Compact 100 sqft Shed with black metal siding, cedar facade and front facing sliding door
Compact prefab shed with horizontal cedar siding and two sconce lights in a beautiful backyard
Night view of a compact backyard office with cedar facade and sliding doors
Night view of a comoact prefab shed on a nice backyard with lights around
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Fully built
No permit required
Permit required
No cranes needed
5-8 days on-site work
25-35 days on-site work
2-3 months start to finish
6-9 months start to finish

Lombard is the functional backyard office shed for areas that limit the height of your backyard office to 8 feet. Simple and efficient, this shed fits those tight spaces.

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Fully built
No permit required
Permit required
No cranes needed
5-8 days on-site work
25-35 days on-site work
2-3 months start to finish
6-9 months start to finish

What's included

  • Prefabricated panel system allows for fast installation and no cranes
  • Concrete foundation
  • Insulated walls, floor and roof
  • Electrical: outlets and lights included
  • Premium fiberglass black door and windows
  • Natural cedar facade, stain options available
  • Skylight, and other upgrades available

Specifically designed for California, this studio shed can be built without a permit in most counties both within and beyond the state. With 120 sqft of thoughtfully planned space, it offers a perfect balance of size and functionality.

120 ft2 of the exterior wall

97 ft² interior space

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Experience comfort in your prefab office shed with painted walls, premium floors, and high quality materials throughout.

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Exterior view of a modern prefab Twin Peaks Shed with horizontal cedar siding, large windows, and a small deck area, set against a clean and minimalist outdoor space.

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We  love our clients!
Hear what they have to say

Ashiq George

We came across the website for Wellmade when searching for options of creating an outdoor office/gym for our house in the east bay. It was helpful that the company was from the area and we were able visit and preview some of the finished sheds nearby. were definitely impressed with the design and layout. It was a great experience working with team and we were impressed with how quickly it was built and assembled. Also, six months later after we noticed some issues with the skylights the team was very prompt and corrected the issue as covered by the warranty. Overall would highly recommend them

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Kevin Wong

We are extremely happy with the Sunset shed and would definitely recommend Wellmade. The process went very smoothly. Our shed was finished in 6 business days. We were amazed at the quick progress each day. The crew started early and worked full days. They were very nice and communicated really well throughout the process. The shed is high quality and my wife and I are looking forward to working from home. It's nice to get a well designed product from a local Bay Area company.

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Mika Brown

We had the most wonderful experience with Wellmade. Everything was perfect, from start to finish. I am in love with my new studio office! The build crew (Sergey, Andre and Anthony) were so professional, hardworking and respectful. They worked so hard on the project and completed everything right on time. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to add extra space to their home. It was such an easy process and they really took care of everything!

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Sam Heft-Neal

We had a wonderful experience working with Wellmade. We went with the Presidio model to be used as a two person office and while we were initially concerned that it might feel tight for two workspaces it turned out to be quite comfortable. The project came out great and just as we had imagined. It looks exactly like it did in the pictures. We are also glad we went with some of the extra features like the heated floor and skylight.

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Presidio is our most popular Shed model combining corner view, lots of natural light with extended overhangs and dramatic silhouette.

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Sunset prefab shed is a great balance between Presidio’s corner view and the urban, minimalistic look of Twin Peaks, combining the best of two worlds.

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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the most private front-facing studio Shed model featuring urban, minimalistic design that blends into any backyard.

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Company FAQs
Where are you located?

Our office and fabrication facility is in San Leandro, California.

Do you have a showroom? Can I come see it?

We don't have a full range of models on display, but we do have a showcase model to get a sense of the space. Give us a call at (510) 606-1706 and a customer service representative will make an appointment for you to visit us over in San Leandro and get a tour of our facilities.

What are your hours of operation?

Our customer service hours are 9am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday. Excluding federal holidays.

How long have you been in business?

We started in 2020 while most of the world was needing extra space to live comfortably. We've seen some great success since then, and we continue to focus on providing extra space to work, live and play.

What areas do you cover?

We comfortably serve all of California and Oregon. Occasionally, we get inquiries from other parts of the country, and we discuss those projects individually to make sure we're a good fit for the project.

Can I see a unit in-person?

We have installed units throughout California. If you'd like to visit one of our client's units, please work with a Wellmade representative to organize a visit. We'll check to make sure it's not disruptive to thier busy schedule.

Process FAQs
What do you mean by ‘Prefab Panelized’?

We use traditional construction methods that meet or exceed the quality standards you're used to; but we've engineered the process to do most of the work in our warehouse. We make panels for our prefab ADUs and prefab sheds that fit together like a puzzle on your property, thereby minimizing disruption on-site. You can learn more about our process by watching this video

Where are your panels made/produced?

All of our panels are made in California with locally sourced materials.

Are you able to customize the units?

Absolutely! Most of our clients have something custom to fit their individual needs. There are some limitations due to our prefab process, but your sales representative will be best suited to work out those details with you.

How much do I need to be involved with the construction project?

We do the work so you don't have to. Our customers say it's the easiest home project they've ever done. Our team of project managers make sure that there's nothing you need to worry about.

Do I need to hire other subcontractors?

Not at all. We're planning to do everything for you with a full turnkey service. That means we can remove an existing structure, connect utilities, and process permits. If, of course, you'd like to do anything yourself with your own contractors, we can remove those details from our scope and quote.

Do I need to be on-site during installation?

Not really, no. We work closely with you to make sure we understand the project before getting started. Many of our clients go on vacation while we perform the install. However, it would be best to be available on the first day of installation to confirm placement and location.

How quickly can we get started?

Our prefab process streamlines installation and we can usually complete the project faster than others. If you have a tight timeline, be sure to communicate it to your sales representative so they can work with you on timing.

How long does it take to install?

Our prefab sheds take about 5-9 days to install, and we usually book those appointments 2-3 months after entering an agreement. Our prefab ADUs take about 4-6 weeks to install, and we book those appointments out 8 months.

Do you offer financing?

We don't offer financing ourselves, but we partner with Renofi to help our clients spread out payments and make their project more affordable.

My backyard is hard to reach, is that a problem?

That's why we do what we do. Our system was designed with those hard-to-reach spaces in mind. Each of our panels can fit through any standard doorway, and everything is hand-carried. If you're getting turned away by other companies due to access constraints, let us know. We love a challenge!

Do you send someone to visit my site?

We certainly can, but we usually don't have to. After an intitial introductory call, your sales representative will perform an Virtual Site Visit where you will walk around your property while on a video meeting, and we'll record it. If we see any reason to go to the site ourselves, we'll send someone. But 95% of the time a virtual site visit is sufficient.

Do you use cranes?

Nope. Our prefab panelized process eliminates the need for cranes. Each of our panels can fit through any standard doorway and are carried by hand to the installation site.

Do you have warranty for the units?

All of the manufacturer warranties are passed through to you. For example, the Marvin windows and doors hold a lifetime warranty. Wellmade offers a 1-year workmanship warranty on the assembly and construction.

Shed FAQs
How is this different from an ADU?

ADUs typically have a bathroom and kitchen. A home office shed is a single-purpose space that doesn't have plumbing or appliances.

Do we need a permit?

Usually, no. Each prefab shed is designed to not need a permit. However, some jurisdictions may require it. We recommend familiarizing yourself with your city's requirements. Our sales professionals can help with the research.

What’s included in the price I see on the website?

Each of our sheds have an all-included price from foundation to finishes. We've put the fully-baked price on the website because we know you don't like surprises, and neither do we. The only things that will change the price you see on the website will be 1) any quality-of-life upgrades to make it more comfortable, and 2) any site conditions that aren't standard.

Can the orientation be flipped?

Absolutely! Each of our models can be mirrored.

Can we build on a hill or slope?

Yes! Our pier foundation system makes building on a slope incredibly easy. Take a look at what some of our customers have done in our project gallery.

Are the units insulated?

We use fiberglass insulation in the walls (R13) and roof (R19), with rigid insulation in the floor (R12).

How do you do the foundation?

Ordinarily we use a buried concrete pier system. We do this to allow for building on an uneven area while ensuring that your studio shed is perfectly level.

Is there electricity in the sheds?

You bet. Each backyard studio comes with interior outlets, exterior outlet, and lighting inside and outside.

Can you do heating/air conditioning?

We sure can! Adding a mini split to a shed office is one of our most popular upgrades.

What's included with installation?

Put simply...everything! We handle the fabrication, installation, foundation, and finishes. We can even prep the site or tear down an existing structure if it helps make your life easier. Our whole goal is to make this the easiest home project you've ever had.

What color options do you have?

We've simplified the color choices of our studio sheds to make it easy to mix and match. However, if you don't find the colors you want, let us know and we'll work with you to make it just right.

How far away from the fence do we need to be? What are the required setbacks?

Each city and county has different requirements for setbacks, and we recommend understanding what those are for your area. We need a minimum of 18 inches from any major obstructions to accomplish the installation.

Wellmade Fillmore ADU

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