Twin Peaks design option - 120 sqft

Foundation and installation included

twin peaks - top view dim-01.png

Key features:

  • 120 sqft of exterior wall (8' x 14' nominal size)

  • 97 sqft net interior space inside 

  • Prefabricated panel system 

  • Concrete foundation

  • Insulated walls, floor and roof

  • Outlets and lights installed

  • Premium black aluminum door and window

  • Corrugated metal exterior walls

  • Cedar board ventilated facade

  • Customizable deck

We like technology, especially AR!

Click on this button and let the model load (be patient, there is a lot of details for you to see). Go to AR and let your phone position itself in space and enjoy augmented reality.

The shed is scaled correctly by default. You can rotate and place Shed anywhere you would like. It is very intuitive and a great tool to know how it will look like on your backyard.

Let's design your shed


Base option - $ 35.600

​      What is included in base option:

  • Black aluminum 72" wide sliding door

  • Black aluminum top window

  • Red cedar ventilated facade and soffit

  • Corrugated metal walls

  • Sheetrock walls and ceiling inside, painted white

  • Premium vinyl flooring inside

  • Two outlets and two can ceiling lights inside

  • Exterior surface light next to the door

Deck options

SHED_PH-7_Photo - 3.jpg

Add 5' deep deck - 63 sqft

+ $3200

SHED_PH-7_Photo - 3.jpg

Other additions


Plywood panels on the interior walls

+ $2500


Add metal planter

+ $450


Add interior floating plywood desk

+ $650


Add exterior outlet

+ $350


Add outside bench

+ $730


Add fixed skylight

+ $1950

Initial configuration

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Total cost


Delivery and handling fee is charged separately and is based on the distance and site conditions.

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